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Purchase a copy of Unyielding Roots: What is Your Hair Story?

The Unyielding Roots: What is Your Hair Story? collection is a community-made space. It exists to highlight the spectrum of experiences, feelings, wants, and needs surrounding our crowns. It strives to destigmatize centuries of programmed self-hate towards our hair textures by allowing us to be the sole narrators of our stories. Dive into these tales of kinks and curls and come out inspired to tell your own: the hair you've loved, resented, lost, and even rebirthed.

Leija Farr, the first Seattle Youth Poet Laureate

The Unyielding Roots: What is Your Hair Story? collection is so needed and a beautiful gift to Black women everywhere. I love the wide range of voices and experiences. Kiana Davis has gifted us with the experiences of close to one hundred Black women and their relationships with their hair. There is something magical that happens as you read the collection, and you see yourself reflected through other people’s stories. Davis gives us renewed strength and courage to resist the narrative of what we’ve been told it means to be beautiful.

Dr. Caprice D. Hollins, Psy.D confounder of Cultures Connecting, LLC




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Kiana Davis expresses a poignant and impassioned voice that is a composite of those Black female poets that have defined this and previous generations, those such as Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, and Ntozake Shange. These poets pushed the envelope, expanded the discourse, and so elegantly described the underbelly of the Black Experience, as well as its beauty. Davis takes us on a journey through her self-evolution, from a little brown girl growing up in an environment that didn't affirm her image, her perspectives, and her intelligence, to a young woman that is coming into self-recognition and a dawning appreciation for every experience from her past that has "seasoned" her and shaped her existence. Her words penetrate your soul and leave you forever changed

- Debrena Jackson Gandy, National Best-selling Author and Speaker

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The Echo Glen Children’s Voices in the Shadow Project was created to help the youth and young adults find their voices and tell their stories through writing poetry. Poetry has the amazing ability to heal and speak for those who have had their voices silenced.

-Kiana Davis, editor

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