Share  Your   Hair  Story:

How do you feel about your hair?


The Unyielding Roots poetry project sponsored by 4Culture is looking for hair stories from Black women, teens, and young girls. The hair stories/poems selected will be published in a poetry collection called Unyielding Roots in 2021. 

How have institutional hair policies, beauty standards, and the media’s hair messaging has impacted how you feel about your hair or how has the messaging impacted your community, family, and life?


I have extended the submission deadline. 

Submission Deadline:  April 30, 2021 

Contributors can select a Hair StoryThemes listed below.  Please submit no more than three poems or a short story of 150-500 words. 

Writers will retain all rights to their poems and hair stories. 



What's your hair lesson?

Don't Touch my Hair


How are you loving your roots?

Write a love letter to your hair

Is it just hair or is your hair a political statement?

The Good Hair Myths

My Hair Symbolizes?

If I could change my hair, I would change___________?



 Hair Story Themes: